The Lightning Address

Like an email address, but for your Bitcoin! A massively simpler way for anyone to send you Bitcoin instantly on the Lightning Network.

License: MIT

Users & Enthusiasts

Why do I need a Lightning Address?
We created the Lightning Address protocol to empower everyone to send money like we send emails — instantly and abundantly. Coupled with the Lightning Network’s ability to send Bitcoin instantly and with (almost) no fees, we’re ushering in a new standard for how value moves around the world.
Easy and familiar
Easy and familiar
No more requesting invoices and scanning QR codes to send your friends Bitcoin. If you can send an email, you can send a transaction to a Lightning Address.
Extended functionality
Extended functionality
Set minimum and maximum payment sizes to accept, add images and comments to your transactions, and more features that weren't possible before.
Sets your money free
Sets your money free
Your friend uses a different app or wallet? No problem! This is a new standard designed to break the barriers between Lightning providers. We all speak Bitcoin.

Developers & Shadowy Coders

Integrates as fast as Lightning
We’ve made it exceedingly straightforward to start supporting Lightning Addresses on your own domain or integrate them with the apps you’re building. Set up support for this new standard today and join the era of total Lightning interoperability!
Apps & Services
Apps & Services
Create an account with one of the apps or services that support Lightning Address and let them handle all the infrastructure. Like using an email server such as Gmail, but for your Bitcoin payments. Get started immediately!
Get Started
Bridge Servers
Bridge Servers
If you already run a Bitcoin Lightning Network node and want a plug-n-play solution, this option is for you. Simply point some configuration settings to one of the growing list of community-supported Bridge Servers and get set up in minutes.
Quick Setup
Lightning Address is just a set of simple protocol instructions. Whether you are a Bitcoin service provider or simply an enthusiast interested in running your own setup, this is where you get started supporting this new standard.
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Get a Lightning Address now!
Get your own Lightning Address now by using one of the apps and services that already support it. You’ll be set up in seconds!
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BTCPay Server
Open BTCPay Server
Open Bitrefill
Open LN Markets
Download Strike
Open Coincorner
Download Wallet
Spark Wallet
Open Spark Wallet
Open Coinos
Open Telegram
Download Wallet
Open Alby
Wallet of Satoshi
Download Wallet
Claim Address
Download Wallet
Dial Machankura
Open Mash
Open LifPay
Satoshi Lightning
Open Satoshi Lightning
BitcoLi wallet
Open BitcoLi wallet
Stacker News
Open Stacker News
Open NiceHash
Your app doesn't support Lightning Addresses yet?
If your favorite Bitcoin app doesn't support Lightning Addresses yet, get in touch with the developer company and ask them to learn about how the protocol can help their users.

To make things easier, we created an email template you can send with just a click.
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Community Efforts & Tools

Noncustodial Bridge Servers
The Lightning Address standard continues to be adopted by community participants and companies in the industry. From mobile and desktop wallet support, to federated Lightning Address bridge servers anyone can self-host, it's never been easier to transact Bitcoin.
Transact with a Lightning Address today!
The wallets listed below already have support for transacting with Lightning Addresses. Download them to get started sending Bitcoin as easily as you send emails.
Want a different domain for your Lightning Address?
Use one of the community-supported Lightning Address servers below to connect your Lightning backend to a Lightning Address noncustodially!

Additional resources for using and supporting Lightning Addresses: